Chimney Inspections

The interior of your chimney flue is actually the most important part of the chimney system.  Its purpose is to safely transport the exhaust products of fuel-burning appliances up and out of your home.  However, it is also the least visible part of the system.

The inspection and evaluation of chimneys is an important service offered by Fireside Sweeps, LLC.  Chimney inspections come in many forms, and you should be aware that not all inspections are alike.  At Fireside Sweeps, LLC, we follow the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) recommended inspection procedures.

NFPA divides the inspection procedure into three categories, or levels.  A Level I inspection is the most basic level of inspection, while Level II and Level III inspections are progressively more detailed and comprehensive (see Homeowner Information on Chimney Inspections).  Each time we sweep a chimney, we also conduct a Level 1 inspection.

The NFPA-211 Standard states that “A Level II inspection shall be conducted upon the sale or transfer of property.”  We provide Level II inspections for home buyers and sellers. With a Level 2 inspection, we will video scan the interior of the chimney flues and also go up onto the roof to inspect the condition of the chimney (its structure and mortar joints), the chimney flashing, and the chimney crown.  We then provide you with a written report of our findings, along with pictures from the video scan and other pictures we may take.  If extensive repairs are needed, we will also provide you with a detailed estimate so that you will be fully informed of the costs.