About Us

I started working part-time as a chimney sweep for my uncle’s company (The Chimney Doctor) back in the late 1970’s – on weekends and during the summer while I was in high school. After high school I went to a technical school to learn auto mechanics.  I had always thought I wanted to be an auto mechanic, but after working as a mechanic for about a year and a half, I found that I really loved being a chimney sweep.  I returned to working for my uncle’s company, based out of Concord, MA.  In 1995, my wife, my daughter, and I bought a house and moved to New Hampshire.  I continued working for my uncle until 1999, when our second daughter was due to arrive.  I wanted to spend more time with my family and less time commuting back and forth to Massachusetts, so I decided to start my own company, Fireside Sweeps.

In the beginning, it was just me, and my brother would come up on the weekends to work with me.  Now, we run two crews.  Our technicians are CSIA certified and are committed to providing our customers with professional and courteous service.  We take the time to listen to our customers so that we can work with them in finding the best solutions for their needs.

I’ve been involved with the chimney sweeping industry for almost 40 years … and I still love what I do!

Steven T. Scally

CSIA Certified Sweep #401