NFPA 211 recommends that all chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected annually.  In addition to this requirement, there are other times when chimney and venting systems must be inspected, such as:

  • After any unusual or sudden occurrence, such as a  chimney fire, lightning strike, or earthquake
  • Prior to purchasing a home with an existing chimney
  • Whenever changes are made to a chimney or vent system, including  replacement of connected appliances with one that has a different input rating and efficiency rating

You should be aware that even the most thorough inspection will not reveal all problems.  Some areas of a chimney simply are not accessible because of the construction of the house.  Be sure to discuss any specific concerns you have with your service technician.  The recommended inspection technique will often be based on your comments and concerns.  Our technicians are trained to perform the appropriate level of inspection based upon the use of the chimney and any performance problems or safety concerns you have, using the NFPA-211 as our standard.