Level II Inspection

A Level II inspection is a more detailed inspection and is recommended when conditions of use for the appliance or venting system are changing (for example, if you wanted to put a fireplace insert into a fireplace). Sometimes a Level I inspection will indicate the need for a more detailed inspection. According to NFPA 211, there are several instances where a Level II inspection is specifically required such as:

  • Before the replacement of an appliance with one that’s of a dissimilar type, input rating, or efficiency
  • Prior to a flue relining
  • Upon the sale or transfer of a property
  • After an event likely to have caused damage to the chimney, such as a chimney fire or other sudden occurrence event (lightning strike, earthquake)

A Level II inspection includes all of the aspects of a Level I inspection as well as the following:

  • Inspection of the accessible areas of attics, basements, and crawlspaces
  • The use of video scanning, or other thorough inspection of the flue’s interior
  • Evaluation as to the proper construction and condition of the chimney system in the accessible areas

Video Scanning is a requirement of a Level II inspection.  During a video scan a camera system is inserted into the chimney flue. The camera enables the inspector to view the inside of the chimney up close on a video monitor. A video and/or still pictures are taken to show the homeowner.  Video inspections may be recommended if the customer or the chimney sweep suspect certain problems, such as cracks in the flue tiles, holes in the liner, or water damage.

While the Level II inspection is a rather thorough inspection and requires access to many areas of the building, it does not require removal of permanent parts of the building, such as siding, chase covers, or wall coverings.