Level I Inspection

As defined by NFPA 211, a Level I inspection is used to verify the suitability of the chimney or flue for continued service, under the same conditions, and with the same or similar appliance . Situations where a Level I inspection would be performed would be:

  • During a routine or annual evaluations of the venting system
  • When an appliance connected to the system is being replaced with a similar appliance
  • During a chimney sweeping

A Level I inspection pertains to the readily accessible portions of the venting system, the accessible portions of the connected appliance(s) and the chimney connection.  This level of inspection does not require the use of special equipment.

The following list indicates some of the items that will be inspected during a Level I inspection.

  • Level of cleanliness of the flue
  • Appliance clearance to combustibles
  • General condition of the appliance
  • The connection between the appliance and the chimney/flue
  • Appropriateness of the chimney liner type for the appliance
  • General condition of the hearth/floor protection
  • If the system is a fireplace, the fireplace facing, the firebox, the damper, and smoke chamber will be inspected